Friday, July 1, 2016

Angels of the Universe ( Iceland, 2000)

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Icelandic cinema is not much talked or seen (Not sure about film circles, I can only talk for myselves). I picked it to see its landscape, but to my bad luck, most of the film is set indoors. 

"The headache is in your heart", this is what the doctor says to Paul after examining him. Paul had just had a breakup from his lover Dagay. She rejects him. Tamil films had talked more about love and its failure. Our heroes lose their ability of cohesive thinking, but that delirious state would have caused by the external factors like in films- Sethu or Kadhal

In reality, it seems the external factors are not needed to stir the brain cells. The causes vary- Ex.- When you lose something close to your heart, you get upset [I'm not a medical researcher] . This therefore affects the thinking process. Here the relationship breakup causes Paul to lose his mind. Diagnosed as schizophrenia, he starts to react odd and then he is put into a psychiatric asylum. 

Science say Art therapy can be used to cure schizophrenia; irony here is Paul is an artist and a drummer. In the asylum, Paul, befriends, Oli- Who is a guitarist and a song writer. Oli feels the Beatles had stolen his songs telepathically. Viktor- a fascist sympathizer, who sign cheques as Adolf Hitler. 

I have never seen a story, were a female becomes mentally ill after a breakup or lost love. May be all love stories are written by males or are men (conditions apply) only physically strong while comparing with women. 

It is a confusing genre, the film starts as a drama and as in when Paul moves to asylum it becomes a comedy- may be it is black comedy with bright lights!


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