Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back after an year

I am here back after exactly an year, will try to do my best to update this forum once in a week.



Not so funny and not so drama, but yet laughable by its own way. This is the Kazakisthan film, if one expects Borat you wont get, cause this is real and makers does intend to be funny, but with a stern face.

The raw'ness of the Kazak arid lands is captured as fresh as if we have been there, Asa an ex-sailor goes in search of a suitable girl, so that he can get a sheep herd from his brother-in-law' boss. Only girl in 100 miles is named Tulpan, who refuses to marry Asa as she cites he got "big ear". Asa and his friend Boni try to convince Tulpan, dejected Asa leaves the arid land in search of "city life", but eventually comes back to his brother-in-law to raise and help the hear, leaving behind the Tulpan in the wind.

The making is so realistic that we see a baby lamb born on screen with Asa assisting the sheep and a CPR is given to a new-born baby lamb... feeling yakaaa, just enjoy the rest.