Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chasing the Dragon

Recently I came across this infographics in Economist, to put all in one word, “India is roughly 17 years behind China”. They way in which the Chinese had grown in ten years is mammoth. I am just curious to outline what we have to do to catch them up. Just "FIVE POINTS",

  1. Government has to be transparent and corruption free. We can see changes already, with the RTI act in the cards, people started using it to know about how the sarkari-oppice works. Movements like Lokpal will definitely make a corruption-free system. The both won’t happen in China.
  2. Businesses have to be more humane, treat their employee with a care, also their customer, irrespective of its small or big, the verse attiti-devo-bhava is apt to use. Entrepreneurship should be encouraged and employer should be dedicated to their work, Japanese-way.
  3. Schools should inspire a child, develop skills that would induce innovation and thinking, rather than score-oriented system.
  4. Civic-sense should be changed, it’s not only mandatory to keep our home clean, but the entire street\city. People should abide by the traffic laws. Shed their greed. People should shed the individual greed, but should be greedy to say my country is the best.
  5. Politicians should shed their ego and greed. We want a vocal-sensible leader. Without good leadership how can we become a super-power. So people entering politics, don’t just follow Mahatma Gandhi, you BE A GANDHI, after all he was just a human too, you can easily replicate him or do more\better than him.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vathachi Judgement

All the convicts were Tamil Nadu Governement Officials, serving the country in the name of law

I am ashamed to write this, that even in this time there are atrocities done on the basis of caste. More worried when it happens in my native. One such caste based atrocity happened a long time back in 1992, in a villiage called Vathachi, near Dharmapuri. This was the peak period of Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan, Jayalalitha has set foot in the assembly, Rajiv Gandhi was just cremated in Delhi, at this time a group of hooligans (it was TN govt. officials) from various departments like Forest, Revenue and Police entered the village in search of smuggled Sandalwood. What they found was the way to lose their sanity, they lost their minds. In this process they just demolished the village, killed the villagers livelihood, raped and tortured women.
With more than 200 officials entering into the village, they repeatedly raped 18 women. In a landmark identification parade, with 1000’s of officers, this was done by a batch of 50’s, those 18 women waved their right to anonymity to identify the culprits (read as you wish like ugly old dogs, fu___kers.) Ananda Vikatan, a leading Tamil Media say that the torture done to those women are “NOT PRINTABLE”.
Victims of Vathachi after the judgement

The judgement came on September last month, convicting 269 people, of which 54 has died ( If there was a hell, I wish they had a good time there) and this is a record that all the convicts were government officials. SHAME.
Dailt colony fenced by the upper caste people in Krishnagiri
In the wake of Periyar and the Dravidian parties, I always thought the Tamilians has shed their caste-based segregation. They have shed it only in their names; we seldom see a surname Goundar, Naicker, Ayer, Ayyangar, Devar etc., but deep inside most of them are growing and rooting for their caste. Worst is those Dravidian parties, headed by stalwarts of atheistic beliefs are nurturing the caste-based politics in breaking the harmony among the people.
We still have separate tea-glass for dalits in some places, they can’t enter the upper caste streets, and sometimes the upper caste people fence the street and block the access to dalit’s area.
I HATE CASTE, in whatever form it may be in.

Pics taken from The Hindu.