Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do you know Albert Einstein’s younger brother Herbert Einstein is the biggest fool in the world?

1930’s Albert Einstein took refuge in USA. He was remotely involved in Manhattan Project, a US government project, which was to develop nuclear atomic bombs. The project was headed by Robert Oppenheimer.

A Swedish crack dynamite expert named Allan Karlsson helped Oppenheimer’ problem to detonate the bomb. But after this project, while he was in Europe he was captured by Stalin’ men to get the atomic bomb secret. Since he was not a nuclear scientist, Allan was sent to Siberian prison camp. 

Meanwhile, Soviets were in hunt for Albert. Since Herbert was a look-a-like, the Soviet secret service got confused and caught Herbert. Later they smuggled Herbert to USSR. There, Stalin realized that they had caught a wrong man and deported him to the Siberian camp, where Allan was put up.

Allan initially was confident about Herbert connection with Albert. So Allan devised a plan to escape from the prison camp. He was hoping Herbert will help him.

The plan was simple- when they had to go for lunch; Herbert had to take a wrong turn into the laundry and steel two uniforms. Herbert had many questions, Allan kept on answering it. It took almost a year for Herbert to figure out the plan. By the time Allan lost his hopes on Herbert and gave up the plan. 

Allan then had to use a grenade..

I can go on forever.

PS: Herbert is a fictitious character in the Swedish film The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. Albert had a sister.

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