Sunday, March 31, 2013

Paradesi ( India, 2013 )

Language : Tamil | Country : India | Director : Bala | Year : 2013

This film is produced and directed by Bala, an acclaimed film-maker in modern Indian cinema. This film Paradesi is adapted from a novel named Eriyum Panikadu, which was translated from an English work named Red Tea by Paul Daniel. This story is very different from the usual Tamil or Indian movies, the story is set in pre-independence India, the film tells about the exploitation of labour in Tea Plantations. 

Watch MY review of the film from the following Youtube video,

Friday, March 29, 2013

IPL - Absolutely Droll

IPL is about to start its sixth edition next week. The restaurants, bars across India are getting ready to woo its customers with the IPL cricket. Huge money is going to be churned in the country as most businesses would like to piggyback on IPL, starting from Pepsi, Coke to Tasmac’s (Some started keeping hoardings about IPL in front of Tasmac).

The other day I was speaking to my friend, we kind of agreed (mostly we don’t agree often) on that we don’t remember any particular matches, except the innings which MSD played in Dharmasala against Kings II Punjab, that will be 2nd or 3rd edition.

April 3rd to May 26th, 55 days, 75 matches, it is going to be a droll, absolutely droll. Cruel summer for players and viewers. But still there will be more enthusiastic fans cheering in the stadium and in front of the TV supporting their favorite team. TRP ratings of the IPL will be published in newspaper, out throwing the TV serial soap ratings. 

Initially the electronics\Tea shops\Salons will have some crowd outside to watch the matches, say till some 20 – 30 matches, and then the interest will dwindle and then in the elimination or on final stages people will start to pick interest, then the grand final involving CSK Vs ___. Grand success, hola !!!, let’s party !!!.

PS: What about the Sri Lankan players playing in Chennai ?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Somersaults Of The Saviour

This week issue of AV carried various caricatures of Karunandhi, criticizing his move to quit UPA II government. Some of the caricatures below,

His somersaults becomes more authentic here,

And some more for your view,

I liked the last one with the "one-hand gig".

Which one you like ?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fake Dialogues - Gods, Goblins & Some Humans

TV News Anchor:-Good evening viewers, welcome to the show. Today I have a man who changed the world with his Apple. Welcome Sir… 

Interviewee: - First, I like to correct you, that I am not a man, please address me correctly.

Anchor: - What would you like to be addressed?

Interviewee: - I am god, so address me as god!

Anchor: - But you look like a man, that is the reason why I addressed you as a man.

Interviewee (now God):- I can take whatever shape you want. I can be a tiger, dog, rat or any other human being, you name it. 

Anchor: - Oh ! really!!. I have someone in my mind to interview. But he seldom speaks and even if he does I can’t understand him. 

God: I know the guy who is in your mind. OK, I will change like him and so you can interview me. At least you can have a satisfaction of speaking with “him”. 

Anchor:- Yes, let’s do it god, great idea.

(God changes into the man who was in the Anchor’ mind) 

Anchor:- Woow, this is amazing, woow. Mr. God how do you feel now? 

God:- Hmmmm…

Anchor:- I asked how do you feel now ?

God:- Hmmmm..

Anchor:- Sir, can you hear me ?

God:- Ahhhhh…

Anchor ( By seeing the camera ):- Viewers our country is looking for answers today, see you after the break.
Producer:- Aree yar, what can we do now?

After twenty minutes of Hmmmm…, Ahhh.... the final ten minutes were just Hm.., Ahh- which still got reduced to breathing. God leaves the studio without uttering any word. 

Producer ( to Anchor ):- Big mistake, you shouldn't had asked him to change, especially this man. Look we have 25 thirty minutes contract with god so next time use it wisely.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Election Budget! - Cartoon

I am becoming a fan of Hasib Khan' cartoons in Ananda Vikatan. 

Earlier few weeks before I posted his "Rajapaksha cartoon", which reflected the real side of the war-torn country. In the last week edition Hasib Khan drew a cartoon labeled as "Election Budget !".

There are four characters here, 2 fat pigs, a man seated in the middle ( must be PC-look-a-like ) and outside the door we see people standing ( aam-adhmi ).

The two fat pig headed guys in the suit represents authoritarian, money-minded people, kind of the Snowball and Napoleon from George Orwell's Animal Farm. PC-look-a-like reaction is as if he says "hey dudes.. look what I did for you.. happy now!!", as usual the common-man is left outside with nothing.

Not getting into the debate of this year's budget is good or bad ( I don't understand most of the economics diction's\concepts ), a govt role is to satisfy or care for people across all-sections in the society, which I feel PC had done his best. We will see the outcome in coming years, till then enjoy the cartoon.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Milarepa ( Tibetan, 2006 )

Poster from iMDB

This is the first time FilmBulb is reviewing a Tibetan language film. Milarepa is a biopic directed by Neten Chokling from Bhutan. It’s a film about the life of a Tibetan Buddhist saint and poet, who lived in 11th century Tibet. 

The mountains of Tibet

Born in a wealthy family, when he is a kid, Milarepa losses his father owing to an ill-health. In his death bed, his father asks his brother and sister to take care of his family and his wealth. Milarepa and his mother are duped by his relatives who take away their wealth. 

Milarepa getting trained in sorcery

Dejected by the loss of everything Milarepa is sent faraway by his mother to learn sorcery in order to take revenge on his relatives, else she will kill herself. Back from learning sorcery, Milarepa by super-natural powers creates a storm which kills most of his relatives and destroys the village. This event immerses him with a sense of guilt and learns that revenge is not a solution to a problem, but it creates more problems. The film ends when he starts his quest to seek the enlightenment. 

Creating a storm to destroy the village

Most of the cast is not professional, so one can feel some sloppy in their acting. The story is linear and straightforward, one can get the “what next”, but there is a sense of authenticity in the making, which makes it a good film. 

Quest to enlightenment

The visuals are breathtaking, after all its Tibet, land of mountains, but most part of the filming is done in Himachal Pradesh, India. Some levels of CG is used, but it is not overdone. As always watch it to explore a tradition.


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Strange Characters - Part 2

Few weeks before, TeaShop Talks wrote about strange characters in Tamil Nadu, , it talks about characters in general and doesn't indicate any particular person – Disclaimer L. This week Ananda Vikakan there was an article somewhat similar to my post.

The following few from the magazine with my list,
  • Most people are obsessed with Kattai Bag, especially ladies.
  • After or while eating biriyani definitely a coke\pepsi is must, geeranathuku romba nalladu- pati sonangee.

  • Talk about prohibiting pirated CD/DVD’s, but will be ready to watch movies in the\torrent or pirated disk. They will “proudly” say .. “I downloaded it” as if they solved a Ramanujam’ Math problem.

  •  Constant honking while driving. There are some geniuses who tail behind the speeding ambulances.

Note: This pic is not from Tamil Nadu, it looks like Delhi
  • In departmental stores, they don’t use plastic bags for consumers  because corporation has banned it, but the products are packed using plastic materials!. One rule for manufacture\distributor and one rule for customer-ra (Typical Tamil to English translation).

Endnote: After doing all the listed above, they will write an article. Not strange !!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Being Tamilian - 2

Concept taken from a cover pic of Time, but this is done by the blogger itself.. :-)

Without going in details of the questions raised in Part I article, let’s see how the world is (let’s compare) linguistically divided. 

Hindi is predominantly spoken in India, especially in the North. But as Tamilian (Telugu, Malayali, Kanadaigas, Maratha..) there is no specific set of nomenclature for Hindi ( like Hindi-an). USA, England, Canada and Australia are the countries were English is spoken largely, when they mean “Englishmen”, they mean people from “England”. The Americans, Aussies and Canadians has their own diverse features and they don’t brand themselves as “Englishmen”. Another apt comparison will be Spanish, who are on par with English, in fact more than English speaking countries.

Pre & Post Independence

Some people might argue that Tamilian (Tamils) is a “feeling” and cannot be compared in the linguistic-lines of English, Hindi or Spanish. Yes, of course it is correct- the Tamilian is a feeling, which was grown from British-India. In the independence movement India became a parent-set, created by different sub-sets from the regional entities, one such entity is Tamils. (It is ironic that the champions of Tamils then said Independence of India is a sad event, read Periyar).

Post-Independence the feeling "Tamils" were used to demand for a separate country for Tamils, this is the period when CN Annadurai’ DMK came to power in TN (I assume some people would have voted for the separate state ideology). Now the cause of the separate state is dead, but the feeling (Tamils or Tamilian) is still there, which is used by self-interested groups.

As for my understanding in reading Thirukural, which is the oldest literary work in Tamil, there is no mention of the word “Tamil” or “Tamilian” in any verse ( Kural ) or Thiruvaluvar didn't brag about being Tamilian anywhere.


There are close to 200 sovereign states in the world, they are separated not by language, not by religion, not by economic lines, not by social ideas, but by a thin line, it might be a Derby Line or 49th Parallel- Separates Canada & US, it might be a Radcliffe line- Separates India & Pakistan. So being a sovereign state I root for being Indian who speak Tamil and live in TN.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Booze Ban

A 57 year old man, Sasi Perumal is on fast (31st day) demanding total prohibition of liquor in Tamil Nadu, familiarly known as booze\Saraku. Read more here by an article in Indian Express.

Check this for a debate in Pudiya Thalaimurai. 

Some of my friends might take this lightly and laughing at this, I understand that you are a 25K+ salaried cap,  some will have a disposable income and you dispose it in the booze, but these Satyagrahi is mostly concerned about the people who drink in the money which is meant for basic survival of their family and he is also concerned about the fast addiction from the school going kids.

Earlier people used to drink for special occasions, but now the booze is such an integral part of the system and so the special occasion is when you don’t drink, I have seen FB status’- I didn't drink this weekend, feeling so fresh.

I know you will think, “OK, what about you”, I was briefly part of this whirlpool, not any more.