Thursday, May 26, 2011

Neutrino Observatory in Tamil Nadu

India is in the process of setting a Neutrino Observatory in Tamil Nadu, near Theni on Bodi Hills. A 1500 Feet deep, 2 KM long tunnel will be bored which will host a world ‘biggest, heaviest magnet, which will be 50,000 tonnes, four times bigger than the one in CERN, Geneva. The project will be beginning shortly as the Environment Ministry and the TN Govt gave green signal. Cost of the project Rs. 1000 Crore.

What is Neutrino?
A particle which comes from the sun, hits the earth always, which is very hard to feel or detect physically. Sun sends trillion trillion of these neutrino but we can’t detect it, as it’s so small, the only way we can gather these are deep inside the earth were its not affected by radiation.
Purpose of this Observatory, it’s a purely science projext in studying of sun and how it works. There is no commercial aspect involved in this project as of now. For Rs. 1000 Cr. !!!
Who heads it; the observatory is initiated by some 15 educational universities in India, headed by Dept. of Atomic Energy (DEA).
As per the recent postings in media it seems there might be some environmental issues,
·         Fertile and agricultural lands will be occupied, for constructing roads and other activates.
·         Granite dust and stones will be let free in the air when boring the tunnel which might dent the agriculture in the surrounding areas
·         Harm when explosives are used in boring
·         Due to radiation and neutrino, chances are there of leaking harmful gases, remember this is still a scientific project and this is only 4th in the world.
Since it comes under DEA, the govt. state and center doesn’t want to confront with DEA. Still Rs. 1000 Cr. ?
More Details;
Also watch the movie Sunshine.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Least Known Forces (Faces) in Tamil Nadu

The following list is not the ones who are known by the names, but by the kind of social and political activities they to the society. So most will have a “ADDAI MOZHI”, like “TRAFFIC” RAMASWAMY. These are the people who are expertise in their respective fields, thanks for Ananda Vikatan for listing them. The article ran on dated 25th May lists their name with their recommendations to the current TV govt. I can’t list of what they said, but I can list who they are and their fields of interest. So here is “who is who” in Tamil Nadu,
Agriculture – “Cavery” S. Ranganathan… LINK
Consumer Goods - Vellaiyan, Vannigar Sanga Thalaivar.
Education – S. Mada Swami, Educationalist.. LINK
Dalit Development – Azagiya Periyavan, Writer.. LINK
Sports – Dhanaraj Pillai, Former India Hockey Player
Electricity – Savithri Kannan, Columnist
Environment – “Povolagin Nanbargal” Sundararajan
Film Industry – Ameer, Director
Labour Development – T. K. Ranjarajan
Minority Development – Prof. A. Marks
Relationship with neighbouring states – R. Natraj, I. P. S
Law – Arul Mozhi, Lawyer.
Tamil Development – Tamil Aruvi Maniyan
Printing Industries – “Bharathi Publications”Nagarajan
Road Transport – “Traffic” Ramaswamy
Industries – Murugan I. A. S (Retd.)
Water Resources – Prof. Janagarajan
Women Development – “Living Smile” Vidya
Employment – Velmurugan, Indiaya Jannanayaka Valibar Sangam
Basic Road Development – Antony, Director, Neeya Nanna.
Human Rights –“Evidence” Kadir
Social Development – Prof. Saraswathi
Youth Development – Shankar, “Shankar IAS Acadamy”
Medicine & Hygiene – Doctor Pughazendhi
Rural Development – R. Elangovan, Social Worker.
If any can provide any links of their work, put a comment on it...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lankan-Tamils Refugee Camps in Tamil Nadu

A review by Ananda Vikatan, dated May 18th 2011 regarding the situation Sri Lankan Tamils Refugee Camps in Tamil Nadu.

We are just living, this is what they say in the camp, “.. just live”, got a different meaning than living well. So what is this just living means to them?  A family of four living in 10x10 house, with the head of the family gets Rs. 400/month from out govt., his wife gets Rs. 200/month, rest gets Rs 144/month. So a family of four will get Rs. 888. Daily Average is Rs. 29, the magazine AV says a TN Police Sniffer dog maintenance costs Rs. 60. How a family of four spends for a movie in a multiplex in the city, close to Rs. 1000. Now we can ask they can work and earn, right read more of what the magazine writes.
They are pushed to do a normal coolie work, these coolie work (painter, house maids for women, farm work, quarry.. ) is easy to get for those who live in the camps near to the city, but those is rural areas its hard. Weekly three checks, roll call is done, so those who work outside has to wait for hours, as the authorities are not on time. If one fails to come for the check then they have to produce a certificate from the employer, a farm owner will rather say, don’t come to work.
Women have to undergo hardships more as most of the camps are running with one common toilet.
They can’t interact with the outside people as normally we do, if it happens those people will be subjected to interrogation by the police. For some people there it’s a virtual prison, whenever a big shot of the govt. comes to the state their movement is restricted only inside the camp, no contacts outside. In normal circumstances when one has to move from one camp to another then they have to get permission from the authorities, which becomes hard in emergency situations.
The positive here is education; they are given free education till higher secondary level, +2.

With the Sri Lankan Govt. starting the cleansing there, people here are in a dilemma about moving back, they are caught between devil and the dead sea.

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