Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Evening TO Remember

Movie halls and Sabha's can keep "NO CELL PHONES" board, like "EXIT" and others                                          

A perfect picture from FujiFilm JZ 300

It was an evening to remember; last Sunday I witnessed my first classical live concert by KJ Yesudas at Kamarajar Arangam. It was mesmerising voice and the 3 hour concert just went like a minute.  I haven’t heard most of the songs, and also he sang few songs written by him, yes Yesudas is a lyricist now.

The sound system in the hall was good, I didn’t expect this kind of quality. The audiences as usual was to their own way, occasional cell phone rings, whispering “hello..”, switching off the cell phone will kill its purpose, but one can keep it in complete silent, not even vibration.  Men have to unlearn something to learn. Let your near and dear ones wait for couple of hours, while you enjoy the music.