Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do you want to celebrate!!

Physiologically you are still thinking that you are still one step behind men.

The “Womens Day” went passed recently with usual enthusiasm in the world (read corporate).  Whoever started this "day" thing like Mother's, Valentine's... and others has to be a marketing guru. Please note that I am not against male-female equality, I think everyone should be treated fairly, irrespective of the gender and I strongly object the violence’s and atrocities committed by the male-goondas to women.
 For my mom and most of the other working women,  it was just like any other day, she went to office (govt) as usual and nothing happen even remotely resembling of what happens in the corporate world on this day.
Here they paint pink, my previous employer went to an extent to posturize the entire female-workforce in a big huge banner, cards for the all, which got individual greetings.  Why such a big blah blah parties, a man cannot give rights, nor there is anything you can earn, those rights are in the natural system, as a species female-male are equal and I don’t see there is nothing to celebrate  for  “women's economic, political and social achievements”.  If the women folks feel proud of what they achieved, then you are letting yourselves “down”, physiologically you are still thinking that you are still one step behind men. These celebrations are a shrewd design by some to keep you women under the check, which constantly reminds you that you are still an auxiliary.