Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Experience

It was always a routine, to read the review of a movie, if liked download it with sub-title if its non-English and enjoy it. Felt bit worried as i thought of having a new experience. So as a famous verse goes, .. every taken a road less traveled.., yes i thought of doing it. But how to do it in watching a film. I cant take a hike to a sub-urban movie theater!

  • So i thought of randomly selecting a film, especially of a non-English.
  • Dont read the reviews ar rating
  • Dont download the subtitle, even if its there one dont use it
  • Finale! watch the film without subtitles.

Crazy is it, try this, its good for the lungs!!

I downloaded the movie named Nueve Reinas (2000), known in English as Nine Queens, its a Spanish film made in Argentina, later i came to know its was basis of the Hindi flick Bluffmaster (2004).