Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baraka - Movie

Baraka is an another different film I just came across in the quest of finding a different kind of film, I found a gem, yes I have to call it as a gem, because this film doesn’t have what a conventional film has, you wont find a story, which is a basic aspect of any film made any where in the world.

There is no spoiler here so I have the liberty to talk about the film all means. The film is a collection of shots, filled with people of different countries, in their respective places, with their respective religion. The goes on and on with stunning visuals and some excellent background score. Agreed that a common moviegoer need to have patience to watch, but if someone likes photography it’s a feast.

Baraka is directed (if that’s the correct word) by Ron Fricke, who has done similar kind of movies before Koyaanisqatsi, Chronos, yet to see those films. Often we say cinema doesn’t need a language, because it’s a language by itself, well if you want to experiment it this is the film to watch.

The film opens with a monkey meditating in the snow, hot spring, then the shot goes to a Buddhist monk, a church, African tribes, Indonesian Ramayana chants, Brazilian rain forests, Australian red giants, busy streets of New York… the list goes on. The common thread in the film will be humanity and religion. If someone has got a chance to watch, I recommend not missing it.

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