Monday, March 31, 2014

progRAMme.. gRAM.. fRAMework... & RAM...

BJP is all set to release its 2014 election manifesto. This time they have taken inputs from the common man, that’s how they put up on their website.

April 3rd 2014 is going to be their release date. It’s going to be an important event in this election. One can access the previous three manifestos online- 1998, 2004 and 2009. On all three manifestos you can see lots of “..ram..”, like “Programme”, “Gram”, “Framework”, “Mataram”. But the one common thing, which figures in all three is Ram- Building of Ram Temple in Ayodya. Adding to the temple, they included Ram Setu in 2009.

1. The BJP remains committed to the construction of a grand Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. 

2. BJP will not allow anybody to touch the revered Ram Setu. We will evolve a new route for Sethu Samudram bypassing Ram Setu.

The above two comes under the category, “DEFENDING THE CIVILISATION”.

If Modi has vision (Yes, “vision” is what Modi-appointed media calls it. If “Amma” or “Didi” talks about becoming PM, the Modi-appointed media says it as “Dream”) to become PM of this wonderful country, will he discard both Ram Temple and Ram Setu from their manifesto, let alone they have a desire, but why put it as a document.

I don’t understand how they can defend the civilization, when some of their sponsors act in an uncivilized way to demolish a mosque.

Above pic from the blogger, which was capture from the water machine.

Note: FYI.. Teashop Talks belongs to an unorganized leftist group.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rasam with Ravi!!

TRP- I don't know who invented you, but if I find, I'm going to break his balls with a hammer.

I'm bored of this TV channels (for the sake of this article, let's stick to main Tamil channels). In the name of entertainment, they waste or eat our "entire time". Their motive is to prevent the viewer’s not to think of their own, at least for some!. Row of serials fills the prime time. I respect the man power involved in it. The only agenda of any given villain character in any serial is to mess up others life. குடிய கேடுக்கறது 

Movies & Related Shows- TRP guys, why do you only telecast Tamil movies or Tamil dubbed Hollywood films. Can't you find any non-Tamil\Hollywood films?. Film related shows\interviews- This is an increasing trend. Whenever a movie is released, persons involved in the making of the film are gathered for a talk, this is a marketing strategy, I’m OK with it, but there seems to be a big “behind the scenes” for this slot. Nowadays, we have lots of international film festivals happening in India, why can't there be interviews and shows around it. குண்டு சேட்டில குதிரை 

Reality shows- Select few people, pressurize them, make them to songs. Drill them to dance. Torture them to cook. Ask stupid questions and give prizes worth of thousands, lakhs, crores... New concept- Converting fat to lean. Hey, TRP guys, in the first place, you guys played a vital role in making them couch potatoes now you will make them lean! கலி காலம்

How about having Rasam with Ravi ? Ready ya!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

In the Name of God (India, 1992)

It was 1990, I was put into this famous Hindu-ideology based school in Salem. When some of my friends were to Christian-based schools in Yercaud, my mom thought other way. Starting from year 1990, major events happened in the world- Breaking of Berlin wall, collapse of Soviet Union, Gulf War... India was not behind- religious tensions were brewing between Hindus and Muslims, which was headed by RSS, VHP and BJP. 

This documentary by Anand Patawardan covers the period of late 1990 and through 1991. It covers the events which lead to the Demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. From the history that I have unlearned, Hindus and Muslims had fought sometimes\some places and also had lived in harmony at sometimes\some places. This film, covers the innocence of ill-informed people, when motivated by the political parties and groups with false propaganda can be turned as a mindless-mob. 

Example, this scene when a sword carrying kar-sevak is interviewed, he is asked about Rama’ birth, he replies that its history, as he is studying Law, he don’t know much about it. It is ironic to see, when there were tensions across the country, local Hindus and Muslims living in and around Ayodhya didn't show any hatred until the 3rd party (VHP, RSS & BJP) stormed to demolish the temple.

I’m not a kind of secular, who talks against Hinduism and praise other religions. For me, irrespective of any religion, if you don’t treat other person as how you would like to be treated, then you have to be in the shit-hole.

Why did I mention about my school, at that time RSS was closely associated with the school management (Not sure now!). So we used get this rathas (chariot) as you see in this film near the school. Worst, I paid Rs. 1, they will give a stamp, which will have Ram on it with the proposed temple. Most of my friends bought the stamp. As a kid, I didn’t realize then, but we were small pawns in the big dirty political game.

Full Movie in YouYube

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stroszek ( Germany, 1977)

Directed by: Werner Herzog | Starring: Bruno S, Eva Mattes, Clemens Scheitz |
Year: 1977  | Language: German\English  | Country: Germany

Esaki Muto: I know this director. He was the one who ate his shoe?
FilmBulb: Yes, that was when he promised to then budding filmmaker Errol Morris. If Errol can complete his ongoing film “Gates to Heaven” he’ll eat his shoes. In fact a documentary was made on it “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe”.

Esaki Muto: So what this film about?
FilmBulb: It is the story of a man, who moves from Germany to USA for a better life.

Esaki Muto: OK, so the man is Stroszek? Why he ought to move out of Germany?
FilmBulb: Yes, his name is Stroszek Bruno. He is a street musician\performer. He is just out of prison and abused by thugs. He feels moving to America will make his life good.

Esaki Muto: So the whole story is their travel? Is it a road film?
FilmBulb: It’s a kind of a road film, although they don't travel much.

Esaki Muto: Did Bruno get settled down in USA? Or you won't reveal it?
FilmBulb: He settles down in Wisconsin, did he sustain or not, you have to see for yourselves!

Esaki Muto: OK fair enough! So what is the movie known for?
FilmBulb: The film is famous for its oddity. Bruno is a drunkard. Sometimes he cracks up and do odd things. Adding to the oddity is his old friend\neighbor Mr. Scheitz, who researches on Animal Magnetism.

Esaki Muto: Animal Magnetism!, that’s weird?
FilmBulb: You’ll see weird things like “Dancing Chicken” and “Piano Playing Chicken”

Esaki Muto: Oh, not bad, well, do you like this film ?
FilmBulb: I kind of liked it, cause whenever you anticipate something, the opposite happens!

**Image from Wikipedia

Friday, March 14, 2014

Do You Care?

When the release of Viswaroopam and Thalaivaa were stalled in Tamil Nadu. Some, no, most of the ardent fans traveled to nearby states to watch the film. Some traveled on road, train and some even in air. Such an enthusiasm in films, in fact it is more than film, it was for their favorite actor. Most of people who saw Thalaivaa, didn't return to their home, that's different story!!

Most of the people living in Chennai are from other towns\cities. A vast population is from south and west of Tamil Nadu. People working in IT companies, ITES, Businesses, Marketing, Banks, Colleges, Hospitals etc, the list is on and on. In the list, I guess 6-7 out of 10 working class people are from outside Chennai. Conveniently cramped in this urban jail, who are prisoners as well as guards! I hope some of you on this list would have traveled to a nearby state to watch these films.

Any given destination in Tamil Nadu can be reached from Chennai in one night, be it Chennai to Kanyakumari, Chennai to Coimbatore or Chennai to Hosur. At the maximum 10 hours of travel on road. So on April 24th, if your vote is not in Chennai, will you travel to your village\town\city to cast your vote. Or you’ll polish the seat with your ass by whining about the non availability of saraku as TASMACs will be closed on the election day!

I know what you’ll do, pay extra Rs. 100 to get a bottle. Drink well and say Democracy is dead! Of course you are right, because you're dead longtime back!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pixote (Brazil, 1981)

Directed by: Hector Babenco | Starring: Fernando Ramos Da Silva, Jorge Juliao | Language : Portuguese | Country : Brazil | Year : 1981

Esaki Muto: How did you find this film?
FilmBulb: When I was searching for similar films like City of Gods.

Esaki Muto: What prompted you to see this film?
FilmBulb: The film is set Brazil.

EM: By seeing the poster it looks like a coming of age film?
FB: Yes, but this film is not like "The Wonder Years" series or "Stand by Me". It's a film about exploitation of poverty stricken teens.

EM: Who is Pixote?
FB: He is the lead character. The first half of the film depicts exploitation of Pixote & his friends by government officials, when they are in the reform school. The next half is the exploitation by the society.

EM: Why are the kids exploited?
FB: You know the answer! Example- An adult can hire a kid to kill someone. A kid can't be jailed for long time, 2 - 3 years max.

EM: How does society exploit kids?
FB: Mugging, murder, drug trafficking and prostitution.

EM: Is the film stylish as City of God?
FB: It’s raw and blunt. Sometimes doco-style.

EM: Did Pixote come out of this mess?
FB: Honestly, I don't know, you have to see yourselves, but remember it is not New York, it's Sao Paulo.

EM: So it won Oscar award?
FB: Dai, Oscars are not sole-proprietor for cinema. If you want to see real good film then you have to get beyond the Oscars.

**Esaki Muto will visit FilmBulb once in awhile and discuss about the World Cinema.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Haasan Drinks Tea!

Tea Shop Boiler Warning- If you don’t like Michael Madana Kama Rajan, you better kill yourself and get a next life in some alien planet.

After seeing Aboorva Sagaodargal, I became an ardent fan of Kamal Haasan. MMKR cemented Kamal Haasan with me in such a way that even I admired the way in which he yawn. Thalaivar enna azaga kotavividuraru! That was me as a kid, not anymore a icon-fanatic.

OK, boss what’s this post about. I’m not sure how many would have noticed this scene in MMKR. This happens when Madhan and Raju swap their identity. Madhan is having tea; he takes a sip and gives an instant vomiting reaction. He’ll then quietly keep the glass aside. 

This reaction to the tea taste is short, but speaks volume, as it gives insight to the elite class of Madhan. Living a hi-fi life and born with a laptop (I guess this was the first Tamil movie to show a laptop- edu romba mukiyama). This tea drinking scene has nothing to do with the story, but it adds an extra bit of mileage to the character.

Then you might ask why such a hifi\wifi character like Madhan did a Sivarathri song with Chaku Bai. “Adu veru, Idu veru”.

Can write many such nuances in this film, will write some other time!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Scene pazasu, but dialogue pudusu

I thought of giving some pointers in changing the pulithupona dialogues in Tamil movies. Note- If your favorite scene or actor is massacred then it is purely intentional.

1. Hero gets married against the wishes of his parents. Some time later they meet each other.

Pazaiya Father: Ayya, nee inda veetula ellama, nanga ellorum nadaipinamma irundom pa

New Dialogue: Ayya, nee inda veetula ellama, nanga ellorum zombies matri irundom pa

2. Hero’ friends are greedy on him, as he can “correct” girls easily.

Pazaiya Friend: Dei, ivanuku udambellam macham da, pakura ella ponnayum madakiduran.

New Dialogue: Dei, evanuku matum eppadi Facebook’la ponnunga friend request kudukurangalo??


3. Panjayat Scene. Very first dialogue

Side Actor: Ippadi ellarum pesamma irunda eppadi.

New Dialogue: Chat room’la login pannitu chating pannam silent’ta irukura matri irunda eppadi?


4. Father scolding our hero,

Pazaiya Father: Kekuren elle, bathil solluda, ippadi mazaila nekura eruma madu matri iruke!!

New Dialogue: Client kita thitu vangure IT Manager matri eppadi pesama irunda eppadi?


5. Hero asks heroine, to run away and get married. Heroin replies,

Old Herione: Venam, enge annan’nugaluku ella oruliyum allunga irukange. Enga ponalum vidamatenge

New Dialogue: Venam da, enge bros ellam periya hackers, nan enge FB, email check pannalum IP Address vechi kadupudichiduvange!


6. Police threatens our hero,

Old Police: Dei, un vetula ganja-va nangelle vechi, unna ulle thukipoturvum

New Dialogue: Dei, unnoda Twitter account-a nanga hack panni, government-a kevalam thiti tweet potu unna ulle thukipoturvum

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Drug War ( China, 2013 )

Directed by – Johnnie To | Staring – Louis Koo, Honglei Sun | Genre – Drama | Language – Mandarin | Country – China & Hong Kong | Year - 2013

In an attempt to breach the Great Wall of China, FilmBulb introduces a recent Chinese film. Having already seen a Johnnie To’ film (Mad Detective), I went to ‘Drug War’ with some expectations. Usually I don’t expect too much from a film before seeing it, because it kills the experience.

Johnnie To, a Hong Kong based director. Drug War a collaboration of Chinese and Hong Kong is filmed in mainland China, JinHai Province, so it’s more of a Chinese production than Hong Kong, and also it is evident in its making. As the name of the film, it’s a movie about drugs, a juicy subject for any film maker. The catch is not to make a stereotypical Hollywood-ish Asian version film. Drug War at ease gives a different template.

Timmy (Louis Koo) a hi-profile drug dealer is caught by the undercover police captain Zhang (Honglei Sun). In an attempt to redeem himself from the death penalty (In China possessing 50 grams of methamphetamine will lead to hangman). Timmy then makes a pact with Zhang to escape death penalty. He agrees to point all the big shots in the Chinese drug trade. The rest of the film is how the two run over each other, did Timmy escape the death rope or Zhang succeed in busting the drug trade.

A “good character development” is done, when we feel pity when the character dies. Joker in The Dark Knight is a good example, I felt for him! Johnnie To places good screen space for every character just by placing the camera for extra few seconds on the characters. The women cop Yi Huang (Yang Xiaobei) and mute brothers- Senior Dumb and Junior Dumb are such finely crafted characters. Wait, did I say mute brothers, yes, these two brothers (Guo Tao & Li Jing) are mute drug makers.

If you are familiar with Hong Kong films, you can foresee the ending. By having a heavy government censorship over his head, Johnnie To has walked a thin line. He delivers a master blow in the end.


**Other Chinese & Hong Kong Films - Summer Palace | Mad Detective

Sunday, March 2, 2014

India Elections 2014

What are your combinations? | Do you dial one or more number? | Our do you just hung-up the phone?

Let me know your thoughts.

**Picture collage by the blogger

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Name it

When I took my white rabbit (this will be my bike) from its stand, I found the back tyre had gone flat. Thinking that evening will be a long one, I decided to take a bus to office. Being Friday there was no rush for meetings or early calls. I took a share auto to reach Vadapalani signal to catch a bus to Kandanchavadi.

Traffic got pilling up and buses were crowded.  I decided to go in the AC bus. I got my selves equipped- exact paisa-with-change, newly bought smartphone tucked inside the left pant pocket & wallet on the right pocket.

No sign of any AC bus, I was waiting patiently. In distance, I spotted a middle aged couple; they were enquiring something with the people in the bus stop. I thought they were asking for directions or seems they were lost their way! They slowly walked towards me. The guy around 40-ish old, wearing  lungi and the women should be of the same age. She was wearing a sari. 

The guy started to speak with me. He called me “Anna”. I was taken aback and thought by his appearance he must have called me “Thambi”. He continued to say that they were from Trichy, their luggages along with money were stolen in Koyembedu Bus Stand this afternoon. While he was talking, the much awaited AC bus arrived and stop right beside me. The automatic door opened. Chill air from inside the bus gushed out and blown to my face. He said if I can give some money? I couldn’t say yes or no. He didn’t know that I’ll get inside the bus. Consciously ignoring to answer the guy, I go inside the bus.  Comfortably got a window seat, as the bus started to move, I saw the couple approaching others.

My short journey continued, the final snapshot “the couple approaching other people” froze in my mind. My “middle class manasachi” thought about them all day, “Are they genuine? If so what could have happened to them?”.

**Picture from this blogger.