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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tamil News Channel

In the lines of national 24x7 premier news channels, SRM Group has launched a Tamil News Channel, named as Puthiya Thalaimurai. They say it’s full HD, but that’s doesn’t matter, we need a quality news without any biased views and propaganda. Almost all the political parties in TN got their own mouth-piece news channels, let’s wait and see which way this channel goes. Even though the DTH players are yet to add this in their package, if you are interested, one can watch it on line at

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Captain Abu Raed (Jordan, 2008)

To the responses I am getting from you folks, it’s encouraging to write about the world of movies. Travelling long distances by facing multiple cultures is a fascinating journey.  I heard this is the first Jordanian film to be produced in Jordon for 50 years of its history. Directed by Amin Matalqa, this film got many accolades worldwide when it got released.

Abu Raed a Janitor in airport. One day he finds an old captain’s hat. He wears it and leaves home as usual, on the way a boy named Tareq mistakes him as a captain and also invites some of his friends to Abu Raed’ home to share his adventure. Abu Raed initially denies it, but eventually yields to them by telling stories that her read as his adventure. The lone Abu Raed finds story telling as means to get rid of his solitude, he is a widower, lost his son and leaving alone and waiting for death.
Meantime he meets Noor, a lady Captain who is in her 30’s, trying to escape from her father clutches to getting married. Tareq’s friend Murad proves to him that Abu Raed is not a captain, but a janitor. Abu Raed comes to know about Murad, that his father’ ill treatment to Murrad, his brother and their mother. Abu Raed tries to find a solution to the problems of Noor, Murrad and Tareq, succeeds much, but eventually sacrifices himself.
The story is depicted in a kind of novel-like scenarios. With the magnificent backdrop of the Amman city and the ancient Roman ruins, Arabian music and wonderful cast and well performed character. It’s a touching film from the Arab world. This was the first Jordan film, which was submitted in 81stAcademy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

It’s a film about a simple man who is living in the verge of death, want to bring a change around him, at least a small change, will be a big leap for the under privileged.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Next Stop...

The next stop of FilmBulb will be Jordon... Wait for a while...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sepet (Malaysian, 2004)

This film was suggested by a blogger, who is in Malaysia. Sepet, is a Malaysian film, by Yasmin Ahmed. It was then a controversial film, well there is nothing in physical-sense, but the controversy was created due to the cross-cultural references.
Director- Yasmin Ahamed
Ah Loong, who calls himself as Jason, is a 19-year old Chinese descendent, kind of a slum dweller, meets Orked a Malay girl. Love blossoms, due to some racial interventions they were not able to pursue their love, meantime Orked comes to know about the past life of Jason, desperate Romeo tries to communicate with Orked, but can’t, writes a letter which is not answered, not even read by Orked.

Orked is on the way to England for further studies, in the car on the way to airport her mother asks about the letter by Jason and asks Orked to read it. She reads the letter, which has a poem too, a vague translation below,
I want to write a poem in Mandrian
I was not able to write, I asked god why
He said he has already given him a poem (Orked)
Then why he needs to write one.

Spoiler Warning:-Then, Orked barrows her mom cell phone, calls Jason, who is in the road, on the way to airport. He doesn’t answer, her mom asks to try again. We are taken to a montage of how their love started, bloomed, with the background sound of cell phone ring-tone, then we see the ringing phone on the road with Jason in a pool of blood. Orked in tears now as Jason didn’t pick the phone, desperate to hang-up, suddenly someone answers the call (Jason voice), she says she forgot to say her love and will call him once he reaches England, Jason replies in a sunken voice, OK. Orked happily continues her journey, we believe Jason is dead, who answered the phone? The film ends.

Trailer of the film

Monday, August 15, 2011

Independence Day Q & A

Who are Bhagat Singh’ famous friends?
Ans:- I don’t know who Bhagat Singh is, then how can I know his friends


It is (was) Independence Day, August 15th and our PM was hoisting the flag in the Red Fort, by the time I got up, it was news then. I turned to the newspaper to see a handwritten letter from Bhagat Singh, oh how good was his writing style, the article also carried his famous pic.

The above is the just my start of the day might have connection with the following. With the usual “World Premier Movies” in almost all the regional channels and the debate about Anna ‘fast in the news channel, I went to good old favourite DD Podigai. A camera crew and an anchor were running after different kind of people in Chennai streets, esp “Youth” and was asking some difficult questions, for which the poor youth didn’t have answers.

Sample Questions and their answers:-

>>When did we get independence (date)?
Ans 1:- August 17th, I think 18th 1948
Ans 2:- It should be August 15th 1946

>>Who wrote National Anthem?
Ans 1:- Bharatiyar
Ans2:- Hmmm, don’t know

>>Who is Bhagat Singh?
Ans1:- I don’t have idea
Ans2: Freedom Fighter

>>Who are Bhagat Singh’ famous friends?
Ans 1:- I don’t know who Bhagat Singh is, then how can I know his friends
Ans2:- I don’t know who my friends are, then how can I know his friends

>>Why were they hanged?
Ans 1:- I don’t know, see I am not interested in history.
Ans2:- They fought for freedom

>>What is the full name of Gandhi?
Ans1: Mahatma Gandhi
Ans2: I don’t know

>>What is the name of the autobiography written by Gandhi?
Ans1:- Sir, these questions I have read in my 10th class.
Ans2:- Did he write a book!

>>Who is our national poet?
Ans1:- Muthu Ramaliga Devar

The questions went on and on, but there were no answers. They are the typical Indian generation who are confined to an idea that things will fall itself in its place. They all read it while they were in school, but forgot while getting aged! Our history is only for school and this is what the current politico world needs. It doesn’t want people to think beyond a line.

People who read this blog or article might be aware of these questions, but there are lots of our friends who are still sleeping.

Short clip of the video, sorry for the low quality

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dark Knight Raises (Teaser Poster)

Awesome.... thats what came to my mind when i saw this poster... a jaw-dropping one...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Virendra Sehwag' King pairs

This season is started worst for the Indian Cricket and they are in dire straits, with England leading the series, 2-0, scoring a mammoth 700+ runs, dropping catches while bowling, injured players and now worst, Sehwag’s King Pairs.

What is King Pairs, If a batsman is out first ball he has made a golden duck and if a batsman is dismissed first ball in both innings he has achieved a king pair. It has happen only 12 times before Sehwag in 1000 tests, now its 13, so we have witnessed history.
The Complete list,
The debacle will continue, still more to come.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rain & Roads

Is Cutting Edge Technology is used only for "Cutting".
With the sharp spill of rain last night, it gave a relief to the hot climate of Chennai, but something started to worry. If you have guessed it, right its roads, which started to show its teeth. I don’t understand in spite of having cutting-edge technology in civil engineering why are our roads built so lame, is it all for the “cutting”.  Yesterday it was close to 5 hours of rain and many roads got immersed in water. If ill-building of the roads is one cause to break it early, the other is water lodging, improper sewage system.

The entire stretch of 100ft Road before Olympia Tech Park till Hilton Hotel is immersed in water.  I don’t think it will be cleared in morning, so the bus-stop is an island and the commuters have to swim into the bus. Constructing Metro is not an excuse, as it’s done in the center of the road, whereas the sewage system lies in the side lines. Government agencies should be more proactive, done blame on the magnitude of Indian cites with huge population. They need to show urgency in public works, not only when a minister visits a place. Fill the vacant spaces in the agencies, get more people to work. The government should have a clear agenda in infrastructure. The way inwhich they construct roads, is like applying lipstick on a kingkong.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ten Canoes (Australia, 2006)

The film about the indigenous people, filled with Humour, Love and Revenge by ROLF DE HEER

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I have to write that I was surprised to see this film, not because it was from Australia, because it was about the indigenous people of Western Australia. The story is even before the Englishmen arrived there as transporters. This is not Mel Gibson Apocalypto style film, were importance given on music and camera work, nor the 10,000 BC. This is just a story, told or made in the same innocent way of the indigenous people.  So there is no cinematic visual splendour show, but just plain and unique shots.

The stranger is stopped by Ridjimiraril and sent back. Since then bad luck turns to the Ridjimiraril camp. His second wife goes missing; Ridjimiraril suspects that the stranger has taken her. One day Ridjimiraril spears a tribe, assuming that it’s the stranger who came to his camp, but its actually the stranger’brother. Now the other tribe has to settle terms for the killing, else its war. What happens to Ridjimiraril, what happens to his 2nd wife, did Yeeralparil fulfil his desire?
It’s a story within a story; there is no confusion as in Inception, its clear as a stream.  The film starts with a narration, Far.. Far.. away… by David Gulpilil, in these story there are ten aborigines who go for hunting, in those ten  one is Dayindi and his elder brother, as they goose hunt for days in the swamp, Dayindi’ brother tells him a story (the actual film) about a warrior named Ridjimiraril, who has three wives and a brother Yeeralparil. Yeeralparil has a crush on his brother young and third wife. They live in a camp, which consists of interesting characters. One day a stranger enters the camp, a different tribe.
Almost all the dialogues are indigenous, except the first narration by David.  The story is told in humour, with sorcery, revenge and illicit love. Like here, when the last man walking in the queue stops and says he can’t walk in the last as someone in the front keeps farting. Half way through the story Dayindi’ brother asks him what did you learn from this story, he replies, I learnt that you tell stories very slowly.
If you are looking fabulous shots, raving score this is not the one. This is a modest story and simple production.
The next stop of Filmbulb will be Malaysia, yes truly asia.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Xala (1975) (Senegal)

Satirical humour from one of the pioneer of African film fraternity. OUSMANE SEMBENE.

As written before, Filmbulb has already travelled to Africa. It’s now in the western tip of Africa, Senegal. The film named is Xala, released in 1975 by one of the pioneer of African film fraternity, Ousmane Sembene.  The other African film I (most of us) has seen is “The Gods Must Be Crazy” series, which was a comedy with innocence. Xala is a political comedy, pieces of satire. Some facts, Senegal got independence from France in 1960, 90% of its population follow Islam.  Its official language is French, followed by Wolof an African language.

Ousmane Sembene
As said earlier, it’s a political humour. El Hadji is a business man, with strong political contacts. He and his fellow businessmen oust the French men from the Chamber of Commerce, which is presented in a very satirical way of taking the French king and queen busts and keeping it out of the chamber office, even the name of the Frenchmen is Dupont-Durrand! With the chamber in the hands of the native Senegalese, who is bribed by the Frenchmen, El Hadji with a National Food Money, does a scam and buys his 3rd wife. Yes he buys a woman as his wife, he is polygamous. This is followed by a lavish wedding ceremony, attended by both his wives! That night he is unable to perform the usually ritual, the next morning his mother-in-law discovers it and tells its Xala, which is someone has cursed with impotency on him. The rest of the story is to get rid of Xala.
El Hadji, losses his business, wives, finally comes to know Xala was performed by a beggar who was fouled by El Hadji earlier. The solution to get rid of it even becomes hard as beggars would like to spit on him.!!

The background score is good, but the same score or song is repeated again and again, would have been much better if an array of scores are used. The acting in some places by the extras looks very ordinary and amateurish. Might be the Africa was not mature of the cinema then, but the main lead fits to the bill.

Some of the scenes show the pretentious natures of how people get carried away by the western culture (read as French culture here). Like El Hadji drinks only Evian water, he likes to be in the Air Condition always, says he doesn’t go to Spain as there are Negros, his car driver uses Evian water to clean the car! (Not sure if the French use Evian to clean the car) El Hadji and his people in the chamber speaks only French, he doesn’t like when his daughter speaks Wolof. The film is not slow, but sometimes, what I felt is the music kills you.  The score is repetitive; otherwise it’s a brilliant film.