Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seven Days..


You should be tensed, bit nervous, restless. You should be in hurry. You should feel guilty of not doing anything on Sunday. You shouldn’t crack jokes. You shouldn’t update your Facebook status, even if you do, you should update that you are commuting to office or something about Monday blues. So all day you must maintain the same feeling. At the end, you should think “how long… still four days left”.


This part of the day you should show a sign of relief. Depending on how bad or good Monday went, you should pace Tuesday. Your life suddenly will turn normal (if your boss had appreciated your “Monday chorus”) or more aggravate (if Monday had went bad).


This is when you think “Haa half week over”. You can be generous in your social media posts. You think to call your parents, but you won’t. You’ll feel more dedicated to work. You’ll be a proud workaholic.


Someone in your office will say “..weekend started”. Your parents will call you, but you’ll say that you are busy with office. You should discuss about films which are going to be released on Friday. 


While your team is in weekend mood, you must show yourselves as a dedicated worker, who cares for work more than leisure. You’ll say “Work first, fun later”. You’ll get an urgent client call in the evening and more work will be scheduled for Saturday. In all this tension, you’ll forget to book tickets and your spouse is very angry at you.


You’ll go to office, venda veruppa, thinking you’ll wind up everything soon and go home. Your friends will kadupethify with their social media status. In home, you’ll convince your spouse that you both will go to beach or somewhere to eat on Sunday afternoon.


You wake up at 1 PM. Eat noodles and watch TV. You both say to yourselves “Next week sure will go out”.


**Above image collage by the blogger. This by any means doesn't support Trump.

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