Friday, August 30, 2013

The Seventh Continent ( German - 1989 )

***Very Depressing Story. Read at your own risk.***

Language - German | Director - Michael Haneke | Country - Austria | Genre - Drama Year - 1989

Before seeing any movie I always read a one-liner of the film, not even the trailer, just the poster is enough. I picked this film, when the IMDb one-liner said “A family trying to escape to Australia are caught in daily routine and plan something sinister”. This was the first film of Michael Haneke, the director of Amour, which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2013.


The film title started with the automatic car washing scene, we can see the silhouettes of a family inside the car. The entire washing is shown, I thought “It’s OK, the director is establishing something”. Then, next morning, Georg Schober (Husband) wakes up at 6 AM (of course we can see the clock alarm). We see Anna Schober (Wife) getting up, she then wakes their daughter, Eve Schober. All three goes into their morning chores, everyone gets ready for their respective daily routine (Work \ School) and have breakfast. All three get inside the car, Georg drops Ann in her work place and Eve in her school. All this happens in a day in 1987. The director goes into details for every movements they make in home, in car and in work. 

The movie has ran for some 30 mins now. Cut to 1988. Same things as show before are repeated, get up, get ready, work, shopping and the night ends with dinner. The Ann invites her brother, Alex for dinner. This time Ann breaks down, when Alex asks about the food recipe, we assume Ann thought of her mother. Again everything is shown in details.

Cut to 1989. No wait, please!!!, I paused the film. 65-mins into movie, nothing substantial happen, there is no plot, no “what next” factor. I couldn't bear any more. I jumped to internet to read what happens in film on 1989.

Now, I am back to the movie, started it from where I left, 1989. It starts with Georg family visiting his mom and dad. They travel back to the city. The next day starts as usual and a voice-over of Georg writing a letter to his parents, that he is going to resign his job and they are going to move to a different place. Georg closes their bank account by withdrawing all money and sell the car. He then buys cutting tools, hammers, chainsaw. Ann while coming from work gets exotic foods. 

Looks like they are going for some big one. That night, after having good food, the family, using the tools cuts-pulls-thrashes-hammers down every bit of things in their house. TV’-Music Systems are smashed, clothes are torn, mirrors are smashed into pieces. Remaining money is torn up and flushed, even the coins. Eve is poisoned by some kind of drink given by Ann. Ann then swallow pills and commits suicide. Georg, injects himself with poison and dies. THE END.


This film is based on a true story in Austria, the case is closed as “unsolved”. No one knew why the family took this decision of self annihilation. The film too doesn't give any reason, the director just left it so open that we have to assume and make our own story of it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

RIP Australian Test Cricket

By the blogger

What should have been 4-0 Ashes victory for England went to 3-0 because Clarke pleaded all gods for the bad light in The Kia ( piss ) Oval on the final day of the 5th Test. So when he landed in Sydney he declared not to go to England again

Aleem Dar saying "Don't come near us, go away"

Except the 1st Test in Trent Bridge, nothing went right for Aussies. The weather-gods were so cruel to them in the 3rd Test. Only to accept their prayers in the 5th Test.

The series started with a PUNCH and ended with a PISS. Before the start of the series David “killer” Warner punched Joe “Baby Face” Root. As a punishment Warner went to South Africa to score 190 Runs against South Africa A, then he was recalled into the national team. 

After the last Test, some English players went for the leak on the Oval pitch. They taught a lesson or two for the England curators on how to water the pitch to keep it green. 

DRS was minced, chewed, scrambled and swallowed. Umpires decisions were criticized and all used a microscope to study it.

Silicon tapes were invented to negate hot-spots. How about inside-edge-on-to-the-pads ?

"The team once called as Invincible’s are dead now. RIP Australian Test Cricket."

Rumors are there that Australia will tour Afghanisthan for a five-Test match series. But the tour was boycotted by the Aussies terming security reasons.

**At the timing of writing this, Aaron Finch had kicked the English bowling in the 1st T20 by scoring 156 Runs.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Auto Vs Meter

Tamil Nadu government regulates the auto fares in the state. My cartoon on this issue.

First 1.8 KMs - Rs. 25.00 and then Rs 12.00 for every KM

Saturday, August 17, 2013

100 Words Review - Baran & Easy Rider

An introduction to the films in just 100 words.

Baran | 2001

An Iranian film directed by Majidi Majid. 
Lateef, a 17 year old boy, works as a cook in a construction site. Najif, an afghan refugee, loses his leg in an accident while working in the site. Najif’ daughter Baran, disguises as a boy ( Rehmat ) and replaces him in the work. Lateef comes to know that Rehmat is a girl and falls in a love-kind of situation. Did his love succeed? 
The plight of refugees is touched in a distant manner. How far someone can go for the sake of love? This film can be seen even without sub-titles. 

Easy Rider | 1969

Road movie, set in 1960’s USA. Directed by Dennis Hopper. 
Wyatt and Billy- two hippees travel from LA to New Orleans for Mardi Gras on their bikes. The film is a musical-documentary travelogue and their experiences. On their way they encounter nomadic-hip family, stage troupe who works for food, drunken activist, rednecks who hate hips, institutionalized love from the prostitutes. 
Finally they are killed by rednecks, who are feared by the “freedom” in the hippee culture. 
Drugs, acid trip, great music, songs, unique style of editing, commendable acting by Fonda, Hopper and Jack Nicholson- all make this film a re-watchable.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mixed Bag - Aug 17th

Today mixed bag from Twitter.... Enjoy FOUR news...


A drawing from a Muslim girl on the churches being burnt in Egypt. As the tweet says it speaks volume.


Thalaivaa generates 3 million hits in Youtube. Bro in some days most of the people will see the film in pirated CD, rombo kastam bro..


The film Biriyani will be 100th film score for Yuvan Shankar Raja, prior to the music release, the pirated copy came out in the net. Now the entire sympathizers are crying. I thought film songs are meant only to advertise the film. When we can get one idly for 1 Rs and one min video for 1 Rs, why cant the film industry legalize downloading a song for 1 Rs. ?


Strange pooja for Thalivaa release, what next yagam,, hommam...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Do you have a script ?

I am not sure if anyone got this idea after seeing Ship Of Theaseus, but most of us thought why this kind of film is not taken in Tamil Cinema. With the coming of films like Pizza, Soodhu Kavum- K Hariharan, a famous film expert, puts it as a New Wave in Tamil Cinema. Check this link.

Coming back to the idea from SOT. A fellow blogger from Coimbatore, who has a good experience in movie industry is planning to take a film if he finds a suitable script which can be produced under Rs 15 Lakhs. He is willing to finance\produce if the costs are around Rs 15 Lakhs.

Interested people can reach him through his blog. He had put his direct contact number.

**Above image by the blogger.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Thalaivaa is termed as Viswaroopam – 2, not because of its story or making, but because of the so-called threat that it will bring to the law-and-order of Tamil Nadu. 

The next in line to get opposition is John Abraham starring Madras Cafe- already PMK and Nam Tamilar party are demanding for a ban on this film.

With all the hiccups caused by parties, my friend Cinemadassan went to make a movie. After months of deep discussion and thoughts he created this following film, Colours.,,

Colours- Short Film

** PS: The film is done by this blogger.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is This What Indian Govt Think ?

Just like a light gets brighter before it burn out, the UPA II govt day-after-day is scaling new lows in doing comical things which is unimaginable in the Indian political history. 

Five brave Indian men had lost their life in the attack and govt flip-flops by saying the attackers are terrorists who were dressed in Pakistan army uniform.

Is this what our govt thinks, below my latest cartoon.

A sovereign nation getting threat from another nation is an invasion, not just an attack. Whoever the culprits are- Pak Army or terrorists- we have lost five men. I SALUTE our jawans.

Mud ( USA - 2013 )

Director: Jeff Nichols
Country: USA
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Reese Witherspoon
Year: 2013

Yes, this is the name of the movie, which was released a few months back, starring Matthew McConaughey. Quite a strange title, it is the name of Mathew’ character. This film is a combination of coming-of-age and a thriller genre. The film is set in the banks of the Mississippi river.


Ellis and Neckbone, restless 14-year old boys, one day find a boat in an island. The boat is on a tree, sometime before the flood in the river had taken it up. The kids try to make it as their tree house, only to find it is already occupied by Mud. Mud informs them that he is waiting for his girlfriend, Juniper, whom he will meet in few days here. Ellis later comes to know that Mud is a runaway criminal, who is been wanted for a murder. Mud reveals that he killed the guy who sexual harassed his girlfriend. Mud seeks the help from the boys to get the boat repaired for his escape, the boys agree for it in return of Mud’ gun. When everything is set for Mud’ escape, Ellis is bitten by a poisonous –water-snake, in order to save him, Mud leaves the island to the town, where he is identified. Police and the goons who are planning for the revenge get the tipoff. The movie ends with Mud escaping.

Three male-female relationship is shown, although not wholly. Mud Juniper, Ellis’s father – mother, who are in the verge of getting divorce and the third between Ellis – and his girlfriend May Pearl. All three are broken- making it that it is difficult for a man-women relationship.

Matthew McConaughey is one of the least seen stars in Hollywood. Juniper is played by Reese Witherspoon, can’t believe those chubby cheeks are gone! This film reminds me of the combination of “Stand By Me” + “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. 

Expert critics say that this film is a modern take on Mark Twain. Looks like, this film is in the contention of this year Academy Awards.

***Your comment is very important to me, please post what you like to say***


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cricket – A gentlemanly funny game - 1

Want to take a break from my series of serious cartoons, so I jumped to write about cricket, which I haven’t done for a long time. Cricket is always deemed as a gentlemen\women game. Well it is funny sometimes and most bizarre things happen.

The Match

Time Jan-2000, millennium is born, England is touring South Africa, 5 Test series, South Africa won two tests and two drawn. 5th test in Centurion – Sportspark. 

  • Day 1 – England won the toss and put SA to bat first. SA finished the day 1 on 155/6. 
  • Day 2 – Day 3 – Day 4 – It rained like a hell and both the teams were polishing the bench with their seat.
  • Day 5 – Chances of play. Before the teams took the field. Hansie Cronje approached Nasser Hussain asking him to forfeit England’ 1st innings and they (SA) will also forfeit their 2nd innings. The deal between the two was- SA to make a reasonable score and England got to chase it to win. This is like street cricket. Still more to come, wait.
At that time, forfeiting the 1st innings was not in the Law (There are 42). So the match referee – captains agreed England’ 1st innings score as 0-0 with 0 balls bowled. (This is called no-law twisting). 

So SA declared their 1st innings for 248/8. The target for England was 249, which they successfully chased by scoring 251/8, with just 5 overs to spare. 
  • SA    1st Innings – 248/8
  • ENG 1st Innings – 0/0 – 0 balls
  • SA    2nd Innings – Forfeited
  • ENG 2nd Innings – 251/8 – won by 2 wickets.

Good, we got a result. Spirit of the game is held high. Supposed to be dull match, got a very interesting chapter in the cricketing history. Pat on the back for Hussain and Cronje.

May – June 2000 – King Commission

Cronje was caught in match fixing allegation. The above match was probed by Justice King. Cronje disclosed that a bookie approached him 30-mins before the 5th day start of play and suggested this idea to get a result from this match.

PS: Just like in cricket, the above cheer girls picture has nothing do with this post.

Internet Censorship

This is my latest cartoon on Internet Censorship.

Although there ain't much restriction, some of the governing bodies doesn't like freedom of Internet.

Once finished the drawing, I used a green-color to bring the night vision effect. Any guess on why it is made in night-vision mode.

Monday, August 5, 2013

What's up in UP !

Uttar Pradesh is always in limelight, no wonder it produced more Prime Minister's, whoever wins more LS seats in UP always has a say in the central government. A state which always decides the fate of this countries political class. Media romanticize UP than any other state ( Leave Delhi and Mumbai ). Looks like now Akilesh Yadav ( viv-a-vis Mulayam ) got a upper hand. Also it's Rahul Gandhi' favorite state, where he will have morning breakfast with the poor.

My latest cartoon on the events that are unfolding in UP.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

TASMAC & Toilet

This is my latest cartoon. 

This was not intended for the "Madras Week". 

Hope it makes some sense.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hyderabad After 10 Years

This week government became committed to the proposal of splitting AP into two states. 

This gives away to the birth of Telungana in few months time. Hyderabad will take care of both the states for 10 years, wonder will be another tussle is there down the line.

Below is my latest cartoon. I tried to make it color this time, hope it made sense.. :-)