Monday, November 7, 2011

7Am Arivu (Tamil - 2011)

it’s like after laying a strong basement for a 100 storey building, and they constructed a 4BHK Duplex house on it.

The opening of the film is grandeur, the first 20 minutes walks through the life and death of BhodiDharaman which makes the audience to their edge-of-the-seat, sometimes a standing ovation is needed, because they kindle the Tamil-sense in once heart. Let’s take this as a two-part review.

History and other chapters, in this part 7Am Arivu has achieved of what they intended. The sense and pride it gives when a Tamilian is the father of martial arts which we believe it came from the east, the history it depicts are well made in detail. DNA study, although there were previous films which talked about it, this film has created a much awareness and interest. A new villain from China, Chinese and Indian rivalry now goes to celluloid; reason quoted is a Chinese pharmaceutical MNC want to spread an unknown virus in India, which will make them to enter the market. Overall the film is packed with so much information, which makes one baffled, this is too much for some, but still its interesting and the Tamilian sentiment keeps it together.

7Am Arivu as a Cinema, here is where the team losses its grip. Because of such a huge opening, inside and outside the movie, scenes which come after the initial part miss the punch, it’s like after laying a strong basement for a 100 storey building, and they constructed a 4BHK Duplex house on it. The absolute mayhem in the car crash scene wasn’t necessary and makes one say, ehhhhhhhhhh, similarly the hypnotism by Dong Lee, initially I was good, but the more usage of kills the thrill. Small things the director failed to notice, I am not sure which auto puts meter in Chennai, how can an auto chase a Hummer, is it wise to park a big vehicle in front of a busy hospital then walk-in and walk-out. Music didn’t dent much impact; especially the back ground score was not apt to the screen visuals. We can’t say the director failed to fine tune of the script, it’s because of the great grandeur in the initial stage we compare it to the later and weigh it less.

Johnny as Dong Lee will have some good fan following, Suriya as usual gives a good performance, kudos for his versatility that he shows film-after-film, Shruthi Hassan got a good screen presence, she has to keep her music abilities behind as she will get more options in the lead role in future. With just two films releasing this Deepavali, both will be a box office hit.
Note: Anyone please let me know which foreign company patented for “Manjal”