Monday, October 22, 2012

Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidargal ( Tamil - 1975 )

Language: Tamil
Country: India
Year: 1975
Director: Bhim Singh
Starring: Lakshmi, SriKanth..
Genre: Drama
This is the movie made in the 1970’s in Tamil Nadu, India. Much of the story is set in the same period. Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidargal (Sometimes Some People) is a Tamil movie directed by a veteran director Bhim Singh, written by the famous writer Jayakanthan, this film was taken from his novel of the same name, the book went on to win the highest Indian Literary award and the actor Lakshmi who was the protagonist of this film went on to win the first National Award for the best actress by a Tamil actor in 1976.

Lakshmi as Ganga

The story is about a young girl losing her virginity in an unavoidable circumstance and how the people around her treat her after this incident, (“unavoidable circumstance” later becomes a debate in the movie itself) so who are these people and how they influence her.
Ganga – The Girl : I felt she is somewhat a bold depiction of women for that time ( 1970’s ). 
Initially sporting innocence- On a rainy day she takes a hitchhike and gets raped. Ideally most would have covered it under the carpet, but she let her mother knew about it, which forces her brother to throw her out of the house. 
Later applying a maturity mask- Then her uncle flirts with her by posing a fatherly-love, she tactfully avoids him and makes him realize his bitter-intentions. Once she finds Prabhu ( now a married man ), the guy who changed her life. She tries to walk a tight rope without crossing the line. 
Returning back to the innocence stage-  Her being adamant of not getting married and begging Prabhu to marry her. Then supposedly leading her life in his memories.

Prabhu- The Guy: Play’s an important part in Ganga’ life, he is filthy rich and most of the time played as much as a gentlemanly manner is actually the cause of all mess. In the later part of the film, he tries to be as good to Ganga, who turns as good well-wisher for her.
Her Mom and brother – Orthodoxy characters who thinks the “society-world around us is important than oneself” are the movers of this film. Their bad moves are the ones which takes Ganga to edge of her life.
Her Uncle- Should be a father-like figure, but tries to flirt with Ganga. His bitter words to Ganga, triggers her to search for the guy ( Prabhu ) who raped her.

The movie and the novel must be a controversy, you can’t often see an Indian women on the screen smelling the cigarette pack and saying she likes the smell ( even now 2012 ) and a women literally begging a married man to be her husband ( at least on screen ). The movie slightly touches the notion “a rape is not always a rape”, which is still debatable.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chocolate ( Thailand - 2008 )

Language: Thai
Country: Thailand
Year: 2008
Director: Prachya Pinkaew 
Starring: Yanin Vismistananda
Genre: Action

By seeing the title one might think that is not an action film, but this Thai film is a full blowing kick ass action film. After watching Ong-Bak series, I was eager to watch another Thai flick and this was a perfect treat to watch.

Zen ( Yanin ) an autistic young girl learns martial arts just by seeing the neighborhood kick-boxing school, TV and video games. She also poses the reflect actions to catch objects which is thrown at her at the blink of an eye. Zen’ mother Zin has a disturbed past, once she was a girlfriend to a gangster named No.8 (Yes, that’s the name), she would fell in love with the rival Japanese gangster Masahi. No. 8 forcefully separates Zin and Masahi and prohibits them not to see again. Now Zin living with her daughter falls ill and money is needed for her treatment. Moon (Yes, it’s a name!) an orphan, who shows a brotherly love to Zen, helps them to get money, one day he stumbles on the debtors list, who own money to Zin. The action starts when Zen uses her fighting skills with the debtors, whenever they shoo her away.

Yanin Vismistananda as Zen

The action takes place in perfectly placed venues like the ice-factory, butchers-market, warehouse and the final showdown on the top of the restaurants. There is also a little sequence of katana fight, of course when Japanese gangster is there then there has to be the sword-fight.

The fights are perfectly choreographed and I see from the end-credits that there was no double for Yanin. If you like to see a kick-ass-girl then this is definitely a good watch.