Sunday, April 17, 2016

Naam Tamilar Manifesto!

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If you want to get the wow effect, then you have to read the election manifesto of the political parties, but if you want to get the wooooooooooooooooow effect and jump from 10th floor, then you have to read Naam Tamilar party election manifesto.

I’m listing few here,

They want to change the state emblem, have a state flag (As per constitution only J&K is allowed to have state flag), change the Tamil Thai Valthu and they’ll have a Tamil Desiya geetham!

Their Desiya Thalaivar is V Prabhakaran (LTTE)!

There will be multiple capitals in Tamil Nadu- Chennai (Harbor, IT & Film) , Coimbatore (Manufaturing), Trichy (Adminstration), Madurai, Kanyakumari….

Liquors with modern brewing will be banned. Mathubannam from palm and coconut tree will be produced. The shops will be kept 3 KMs out the city/village/town!


This looks good, but it is humongous. And, to achieve this with the present ~2800 MBBS seats in TN, it’ll take 25 years to achieve it.


It’ll be mandatory for Govt employees to get treated in Govt hospitals. A separate law will be drafted. This is applicable for MLA’s, MP’s and CM.


School kids will have real time experience. Don’t know where they’ll take the kids.


Electricity to homes will be provided at 25 Paise / unit!

Nuclear power generation will be stopped. Solar generation will be encouraged. Apart from this, they’ll generate power from trains!!

This kind of train power generation is theoretically no feasible (LINK). Moreover railways are with Central govt.

Urban Planning

If you want to buy a car, then you have get permission from the state govt! Govt will check your house to see if you have parking facility and then approve it.

Educate school kids on road transport rules. This is good, but this is micro level detailing

Government Offices

Men should work for 8 hours and women for 6 hours. Why men can’t do house chores?

Transparency in government offices. This looks good.

All MS applications will be banned in government offices and they’ll start to use Linux!


9 pages are dedicated for Eelam and necessity of Eelam as a country. I’m not sure how this will help people in the state. And, they conveniently don’t mention killing of Rajiv Gandhi!

Veerappan, sorry Aiya Veerapar is dubbed as Tamil’s VanaKavalar


According to them people who smoke and drink are bad guys. So in films, only villains can smoke and drink!

Porn websites will be banned

On the whole it is not an election manifesto. It is redrawing everything. They are trying to take two steps back in the cycle of evolution. Moreover, they say “soft dictatorship” is needed. They are redefining the word Tamilan.

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