Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Election Budget! - Cartoon

I am becoming a fan of Hasib Khan' cartoons in Ananda Vikatan. 

Earlier few weeks before I posted his "Rajapaksha cartoon", which reflected the real side of the war-torn country. In the last week edition Hasib Khan drew a cartoon labeled as "Election Budget !".

There are four characters here, 2 fat pigs, a man seated in the middle ( must be PC-look-a-like ) and outside the door we see people standing ( aam-adhmi ).

The two fat pig headed guys in the suit represents authoritarian, money-minded people, kind of the Snowball and Napoleon from George Orwell's Animal Farm. PC-look-a-like reaction is as if he says "hey dudes.. look what I did for you.. happy now!!", as usual the common-man is left outside with nothing.

Not getting into the debate of this year's budget is good or bad ( I don't understand most of the economics diction's\concepts ), a govt role is to satisfy or care for people across all-sections in the society, which I feel PC had done his best. We will see the outcome in coming years, till then enjoy the cartoon.

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