Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fake Dialogues - Gods, Goblins & Some Humans

TV News Anchor:-Good evening viewers, welcome to the show. Today I have a man who changed the world with his Apple. Welcome Sir… 

Interviewee: - First, I like to correct you, that I am not a man, please address me correctly.

Anchor: - What would you like to be addressed?

Interviewee: - I am god, so address me as god!

Anchor: - But you look like a man, that is the reason why I addressed you as a man.

Interviewee (now God):- I can take whatever shape you want. I can be a tiger, dog, rat or any other human being, you name it. 

Anchor: - Oh ! really!!. I have someone in my mind to interview. But he seldom speaks and even if he does I can’t understand him. 

God: I know the guy who is in your mind. OK, I will change like him and so you can interview me. At least you can have a satisfaction of speaking with “him”. 

Anchor:- Yes, let’s do it god, great idea.

(God changes into the man who was in the Anchor’ mind) 

Anchor:- Woow, this is amazing, woow. Mr. God how do you feel now? 

God:- Hmmmm…

Anchor:- I asked how do you feel now ?

God:- Hmmmm..

Anchor:- Sir, can you hear me ?

God:- Ahhhhh…

Anchor ( By seeing the camera ):- Viewers our country is looking for answers today, see you after the break.
Producer:- Aree yar, what can we do now?

After twenty minutes of Hmmmm…, Ahhh.... the final ten minutes were just Hm.., Ahh- which still got reduced to breathing. God leaves the studio without uttering any word. 

Producer ( to Anchor ):- Big mistake, you shouldn't had asked him to change, especially this man. Look we have 25 thirty minutes contract with god so next time use it wisely.

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