Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Smile at your own risk!

Here are few "politically correct" politics memes which I created in few months. Not sure how much of it will tickle your funny bone. Let me know, if you liked any! (Bear with typos).

1. You know who is the car! The police is not real.

2.  Ahhhhhhh (This is 100% real image)

 3. Whispers

4. The Preparation 

5. Deputy CM (Start with Stalin dialogue , then KK and then Stalin

6. Paasa Thalaivanuku (This was done on KK's birthday to say his prowess) 

7. The Agony 

8. Annee Manmohan Annee (When Modi met MMS after becoming PM)

9. Pothum Pothum 

10. Swacha Bharat 

11. Gold.. Gold (Not political though) 

12. MODIavatharam 

13. Who is kungfu? 

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