Sunday, August 31, 2014

17 secrets of Tamil Cinema; Dedicated to the fans.

I made this list after a very long research. It took me two decades to compile the list. I started this when I was in 6th standard. I knew that one day I’ll be a blogger and will write about this as a post. The below 17 are the some of the best kept secrets of Tamil cinema. There are more secrets, but I don’t want to bore you with a long list so I’m limiting with 17. 

1. A marriage scene, when the iyer says "naazi aiuduthu ponna azachinduvangoo". Then we can conclude that the marriage for sure won’t happen. 

2. Villanu'ku birthday party will have oru scene\kuthu\club-dance. Hero will be in the same party in maruvesam, but villain gang can’t identify him, because hero will be wearing coolers!

3. Villain will always have a 2nd job, he will be selling junk goods like- tube light, carb board boxes, old tyres, glass work, ice factory, welding work...

4. If police remove their cap then they are going to convey a bad news, usually someone is dead.

5. The hero irrespective of his profession will handle a gun\pistol\AK 47\grenades as a professionally trained military man.

6. In comedy films, if someone hits with an orutukattai the person who gets the hit will faint instantly without blood.

7. In old films, the servant name will be always Ramu.

8. If hero teases it’s called romance, but if villain does its eve-teasing.

9. Hero will fight for poor people. He’ll fight against the area dada. During the fight they’ll destroy the shops ( Poori kadai, aluminium pathira kadai, rice shop, paanai kadai, tea shops and shops selling color rangoli powder).

10. If the hero is police then he will always be Assistant Commissioner. The Commissioner will be always a black sheep. New trend- Hero (police) will always wear a kappu in his hand.

11. If you see a happy family or twins in the beginning, then you can be sure that they will be separated. One boy will become police and the other will be with villain (Old trend).

12. The villain will always change his mind after 2 hrs 30 mins.

13. A flashback will have song and comedy track. Sometimes a flashback will have a flashback.

14. Eavesdropping (ottukekuradu) is a very important part in the film. Sometimes this is how the story gets the twist. 

15. If the story moves to Andhra, for sure we are going to see some villain. Story is set in North India (Mumbai), for sure there will be a scenes of Vinayaga Chaturthi and Holi. 

16. If villain dies in the end, it will be always by his mistake or accident- like, when hero & villain are fighting; villain will fall from the cliff or a tall building. If someone is going to kill the villain, it will be his wife\chinna vedu or by hero’ mother.

17. Climax- The heroine will be happy in romancing with hero even after seeing her father (villain) death.

What is your top 3 moments in the above list ?