Saturday, July 8, 2017

What is your ideology?

Man is a political animal. All people are political thinkers- We keep saying it, but how do we equip ourselves with the political thought? Where do we get our resources? Who inspires us to join a political debate and which side we take? All depends on our own experiences- seeing, reading, assumptions and the environment which we grow. But after certain age, when everything is put before us or come to an age where we can use our discretion, do we rethink on our initial beliefs? For example- We all are brought-up as believers; some people at the later stage change their belief system (I’m not terming that believing is right or wrong).

A simple exercise to judge your choice on which side you lean or your favorite political party lean is to plot it on the following linear spectrum of ideology,

In Orwellian terms, the left from the center propagates “All are equal” and the right from center propagates “Some are more equal than others”. This categorization holds good for social thoughts and beliefs too. If you think your religion/race/caste is superior to others, then you become a rightist (conservative). Post-Globalization the boundaries between these ideologies are grayed out. And, democracy even liquidates it further.

So what is your ideology?

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