Monday, June 22, 2015

Year 2025 - Jurassic Mars


**Not a review**

Recently after watching Jurassic World 3D, I realized that no theater in Chennai has a good quality of projecting the 3D film. I’m referring to the brightness in the projection. A quick search in the Google ended up to find that it was the same norm in all parts of the world. The picture is dark as we are wearing the glasses, so there needs to be extra light watts to the projection bulb, which they don’t do. So the effort done by the film makers goes in to drain. Discussing the issue in an FB forum most echoed my views and suggested Luxe in Phoenix Mall which seems to got a good 3D projection.

Back to the film, it didn’t excite me much, especially for a 1990’s kid who grew up by seeing Jurassic Park (I treasured a yellow T-shirt then), all I saw now was the reminiscences (People call it homage) of the first part. Visually it was following its predecessor, the story-line was also the same. Park with animals put in a controlled environment. An accident or incident happens to make the animals to escape. Kids are trapped and they are saved. Finally there is this grand showdown among the animals and the whole mankind escapes from the island.

The funny part is when the raptures talks (communicates) with Indominus Rex. If it has been any other film, people would have laughed out their ass. It takes a kid to suggest a bigger dinosaur? ufff. Any how people loved it! There isn’t much difference between 1993 and 2015 version.

To facilitate a sequel, Dr. Henry Wu escapes with the dinosaurs DNA. I hope the next part after a decade will be set in Mars, where InGen will set its store as Jurassic Mars.

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