Sunday, February 22, 2015

Madras Manade

Ripon Building Chennai

Amidst of my busy schedule (Oh, I see), sometimes, I just browse through the books, which I planned to read this year. One such book is the history of Tamil Nadu politics (Tamilaga Arasiyal Varalaru by R Muthu Kumar), in which a chapter is dedicated to the claim of Madras (Chennai) by Andhra.

We all might know that Andhra was the part of Madras State, with the efforts and struggle of Potti Sriramalu and others, Andhra was formed. While the demarcation was happening, Andhra people\parties started to claim Madras and started “Madras Manade” (In Telegu, Madras is ours) campaign. 

Why this flashback now, have you noticed the emblem of Chennai Corporation, if not it is here below.

Chennai Corporation Logo

The book talks about the story behind this emblem. When “Madras Manade” campaign was happening, politician M. P. Sivagnanam (Ma. Po. Si) gave lots of evidence to the committee which was considering whether to give Madras to Andhra. He was also demanding Thirupathi. He then took the support of the Madras Mayor Chengalvarayan. With the help of the mayor, he changed the emblem.

They added three items to it, bow & arrow, tiger and twin-fish, respectively these were the symbols of the Cheras, Cholas and Pandiyas.

Agitations grew stronger, the ruling Tamil Nadu (It was Madras State then) Congress government too opposed the idea of ascending Madras to Andhra. At last, all the parties, including the Nehru government had to climb down. Thirupathi went to Andhra and Madras remained with Madras State (which in 1969 will become Tamil Nadu).

பல்லவர்கள் ஆண்ட இடத்தில் மூவேந்தர்கள் கொடி!

**Above Ripon Buliding image by the blogger.
** Chennai Corporation logo from the Google.

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